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Garden Calendar: July Tips

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015
It’s July! The garden is starting to burst! July meals will be full of freshness and flavor. Right now I spend half my time harvesting and the other half pulling weeds. I hope your garden has more harvest than weeds! Here’s to a delicious July! (more…)

Kids in the garden: I can’t keep them out!

Friday, June 28th, 2013
I cannot keep these two girls out of the garden! They want to plant, weed, and harvest, and thankfully the plants aren’t affected by all of the noise they make. The chatter goes something like this: “Can we pick the broccoli?” “Is this one a weed?” “It’s my turn to use the hoe!” “I can’t see it?” “Why is there a flower?” “What’s that?” “Is that a spider?” “Where did it go?” “How many seeds can I have?” “That’s a prickly weed! How did it get prickly?” “I’m thirsty.” This week, I actually got whacked by the hoe while getting drilled with questions. I was pulling weeds, and my four year old insisted on helping by hoeing in the same row. Ouch! Apparently, there are hazards when gardening with kids.  Honestly, I love it! I am glad to have this time to teach through the garden. (more…)