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Leaves as Mulch!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
Pictures of kids playing in leaves have been constant on my Facebook page the past few weeks. Children have big smiles as they are literally covered in nature. Of course, it makes me smile to see the fun they are having!  I often post a virtual high five to the parents for bringing the kids out to experience the effects of fall. I am a bit jealous as I scroll through pictures. My children do not get to experience a large pile of leaves unless we visit a different neighborhood. The trees in our landscape are too small to create a big fall mess (a negative aspect of living in a new housing development). (more…)

Caring for your trees requires water, fertilizer, and pruning

Thursday, July 14th, 2011
While searching for the perfect tree to plant in our front yard, I asked the garden center owner, “When is the right time to plant a tree?” He responded, with years of experience and wisdom, “Ten years ago.”  He is exactly right! I love a home landscape with large, established deciduous trees. I might even be classified as a tree hugger; I bet I could even convince my three girls that it is fun to hug trees.  Trees have such a presence, adding value and beauty to the home. However, this is delayed gratification; as you know, it takes years for trees to mature to full size. (more…)

Potassium in the Soil

Friday, March 11th, 2011
I can’t get enough of our local garden show; thankfully I was able to spend two days taking it all in. The heart of the show are spectacular displays of full grown trees, shrubs, and flowers massed together in large architectural landscapes created by local garden and landscape businesses. There are educational booths, seminars and plenty of flowers, pots and garden items for purchase. (more…)

Landscape on a Budget

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
My dear friend informed me that one of the local nurseries was having a 70% off sale on all plants. I restated, “All plants…including trees and shrubs?” She confirmed. Forget the fact is was 98 degrees, we were going shopping.  I love a bargain, especially on plants. (more…)

Planes, Trains and Gardens

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
What have I got myself into? As spokesperson for Nutrients for Life, I am expected to blog and be available to the media. I had no idea I would be shot into the spotlight so quickly (can you just see my ego bursting!). Recently, I got an exciting call from Washington D.C. Harriet, Nutrients for Life Executive Director, exclaimed that Good Day New York would like to interview me for a special gardening segment they are putting together. This was an opportunity we could not pass up!! A few short days later, I was on a jet plane to D.C. (more…)