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Nutrients in the Garden 7: Soil for Raised Beds

Thursday, March 20th, 2014
Gardening in raised beds is extremely popular and a great choice for a beginning gardener. I gardened in raised beds for nine years and had great success (minus a splinter or two). The best advantage to this form of gardening is the opportunity to fill the bed with soft, nutrient rich soil! (more…)

Learning Garden 7: Raised Beds

Monday, May 14th, 2012
I had the pleasure of taking my five-year-old to “Kindergarten Round-Up” (and for another blog, I will tell you why we were tardy - not winning mother of the year that morning)! This event was pretty exciting for my Pre-K girl and emotional for me. How do they grow up so fast and right before our eyes? The future kindergarteners walked independently to the classroom for screening, while the parents got a tour of the school and some words of advice from the principal and counselor. Now let me remind you, we have been attending the school for five years; I thought this was going to be a waste of my time. However, it turned out to be very inspiring. During the middle of the tour, we were escorted to the outdoor classroom and learning garden, of which I was introduced as the leading expert - ego boost! The principal explained how we obtained funding, a brief description of where we were in the construction process, and what the final learning garden would look like. It was awesome to see the expression of excitement on the kindergarten parents’ faces; I was not expecting this kind of reaction. Their comments were supportive and affirming of our desire to bring such a classroom to our students. (more…)

Learning Garden 6: Building

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
To celebrate Earth Day, a few of my fellow master gardeners and I led eight small groups of sixth graders through a nature trail. As we stood under a mulberry tree, with its immature green berries, I asked how many had ever picked fruit from a tree. In each group of twenty, only three to five students raised their hands (gasp...really?). Picking fruit from a tree and enjoying its freshness should not be a unique opportunity; but it is! Oh how I wish the mulberries had been ripe and each student could have experienced a fresh mulberry. Reaching up through the limbs to pick a mulberry is in itself a valuable lesson in science. Is there a better way for our youth to learn about nature; to learn how food is produced; to experience first-hand how a farmer works with earth to feed the world? I think not! (Preach it, Sister!) (more…)