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Learning Garden 9: Rain Barrels

Monday, June 18th, 2012
The day after installing rain barrels at the school, it rained! It was a thrill to turn the faucet and see the water flow out. A rain barrel is nothing more than a container that collects rainwater from rooftops. This low-cost conservation technique saves water and decreases storm water runoff. (more…)

A Gardener’s Christmas Wish List

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Mrs. Claus is on the ball this year. Gifts for our three blue-eyed elves are wrapped and ready to go under the tree. I don’t know who is more excited for Christmas, me or the girls. I have never been this prepared, and it’s difficult to manage the anticipation for Santa’s big day. Santa on the other hand, is still shopping for Mrs. Claus. I am supposed to be writing my Christmas wish list, so being the multi-tasker that all moms are, I am combining a blog entry while at the same time, creating my Christmas wish list (a list for all gardeners). (more…)