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Rescuing Nutrient-Starved Tomatoes

Thursday, May 24th, 2012
Today, my garden grew by 80 tomato plants...temporarily! Our school plant sale ended weeks ago; however, I have been watering the unsold veggies at the school every day since then. I have watched them go from dark green to pale green and yellow. Of course, I turned this into a teachable moment and showed my girls the difference between a healthy tomato plant and one that is weak and sickly looking. It was obvious, the plants were missing something; they were paralyzed in their little pots, just waiting with all of the potential to provide a summer of tomatoes, if given a chance.  At one point, I considered throwing them in the compost pile just to put them out of their misery and get rid of the water chore. However, I could not bear to let them go to waste! (more…)

Plant, grow and learn! Getting your hands dirty to teach kids about soil nutrients

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
Planning a youth garden camp takes time, creativity and a lot of help! I have led this particular youth camp for several years now and strive to make each one hands-on, educational and fun. This year we had 70 campers whose ages ranged from 5-15. Fortunately, I had 18 extension master gardeners, whose ages I will not mention, volunteer to help.   The campers were all part of a 4-H program at the Air Force Base. They arrived at the extension office in color coordinated shirts and were eager to get their hands dirty… well most of them. (more…)

Extension Master Gardeners

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
When I am introduced as a Master Gardener, I am often asked an assortment of landscape or unique plant questions. I love being a Master Gardener for that very reason. It opens the door of education. (more…)

Garden Tours

Friday, May 21st, 2010
This past weekend, our Master Gardeners sponsored educational tours that featured seven spectacular residential gardens. Master Gardeners were present at all gardens to answer questions and present demonstrations, all for ONLY $10. I had the privilege of working Saturday morning at a beautiful oasis, completely landscaped by the home owner! I have great respect for homeowners who do it themselves. Maybe it’s because I’m a Master Gardener and love the benefits of doing it myself. (more…)