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Teacher Spotlight: Tracy Mendoza

Thursday, September 19th, 2013
"When students see pictures of starving children in Africa, it never dawns on them to ask 'why?'" This is one reason Tracy Mendoza feels teaching soil science is so important.  As a Gifted Education teacher for grades 1 through 5 at Northlake Park Community School in Orlando, FL, Ms. Mendoza is passionate about teaching students to think globally. (more…)

Gardening with a Two-Year-Old: Life Lessons Learned

Friday, April 29th, 2011
Lately, watering the garden has moved to a whole new level at my house. You see my daughter, who just turned two, is in the “I can do it by myself, Mommy!” stage. She wants to own and control the garden hose. Either one end of the garden will be flooded; or, everything but the garden will get wet (including me). She doesn’t understand that her over-committed mommy wants to go outside, get the watering done, and move on to the next thing on her never ending to-do list. (more…)