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McDonald’s Restaurants Recognize Farmers

Thursday, January 5th, 2012
Go ahead and judge me...we eat McDonald’s...often. I know, I know! I have to give the mega franchise credit for being convenient and affordable. You know the scene, we are running errands, and the whines from the backseat are getting louder. The cries for “food break, mom” so she pulls under the golden arches. I know I am not the only mom swinging in the drive thru for a quick meal, because they sell approximately 4.2 million hamburgers a day (yep, a day) in the United States. That’s a lot of beef! However, my favorite McDonald’s indulgence is the french fry. McDonald’s restaurants report that they buy 3.42 billion pounds of potatoes each year. Hmm, looks like I am in good company and not the only one craving their french fry.  My point: McDonald’s is a large consumer of American agriculture. (more…)