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Learning Garden 14: How do you say thank you?

Monday, October 15th, 2012
How do we say thank you to the grantees, sponsors, parents, volunteers, community members, teachers, and staff, which helped build a $45,000 outdoor classroom and learning garden? There are so many to thank that we decided to have a Garden Gala. The purpose was to provide the opportunity for the invested parties to see the finished garden hear first-hand how the students and teachers have embraced this new classroom. (more…)

Learning Garden 8: Plant Selection

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
School’s out for the summer, however, I am still going to the school every day as construction on the outdoor classroom and learning garden continues. This week, we went to the local nursery to pick out fruit trees. Choosing what and where to plant takes research and thought. I have compiled a list of things we took into consideration when we selected the plants that will transform the courtyard into a platform for hands-on learning through nature. (more…)

Learning Garden 3: Validation

Monday, April 9th, 2012
Read more about classroom gardens in our Learning Garden blog series: Learning Garden 1: Overview Learning Garden 2: Long-Term Sustainability Learning Garden 3: Validation Learning Garden 4:  Designing the Garden Learning Garden 5:  Volunteers Learning Garden 6: Building Learning Garden 7:  Raised Beds Learning Garden 8: Plant Selection Learning Garden 9:  Rain Barrels Learning Garden 10:  How Does Your Garden Grow? Learning Garden 11:  Planting Day Learning Garden 12: Teach the Teacher Learning Garden 13: First Harvest Learning Garden 14:  How Do You Say Thank You Learning Garden 15:  Plant a Seed and Watch It Grow Learning Garden 16: From the Learning Garden to the Cafeteria Gardening makes me happy, especially when I am gardening with my three girls, as seen in the picture below. The benefits of a garden are undeniable.  As we work with the soil to grow our vegetables, we learn about soil fertility (science). When we plant the seed, we read the label directions on the seed packet (English) and learn the depth at which we need to plant the seed (math). We look at the sun that provides the heat to warm the soil and we add water that provides the moisture for the seed to germinate (botany). Then we wait (delayed gratification) for the seed to root and pull up nutrients from the soil (science) and grow into a plant that produces a vegetable (food production). We grab our harvest basket and collect the vegetables that we have grown (teamwork). We sit down at the table (sense of belonging) to enjoy a meal (nutrition) grown from our hard work and care (nurturing). I am excited that our schoolchildren have the opportunity to learn these subjects, skills, and attributes from our new learning garden. (more…)

Learning Garden 1: Overview

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Back in September of 2010, I started a new journey with my local elementary school, and now I would like you to join me on this journey, as I create a series of blogs that describes how a school and its community built an outdoor classroom and learning garden in 2012.  During this journey, we will discuss the role of soil in a learning garden- how to maintain the soil in the garden and essential learning activities educators can do with their classes on soil science.  In addition, our soil science curriculum, Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century, is available online for free; all three levels of our curricula have been favorable reviewed by the Smithsonian Institution and written in conjunction with the BSCS.  I understand that not every school and community will need or want a garden as large scale as the one I am working on.  But I hope you will follow this series to get inspired and learn some best practices.  There is so much you can teach with soil science in an outdoor setting! (more…)