Seed Logic Puzzle

March 04, 2014 | 12:03 pm

Students in Mr. Nitrogen’s class learned the importance of soil, soil testing and fertilizer.  After carefully planning the school garden, each student was assigned seeds to plant.  To find out who planted what, use the clues and seed packet information below to fill in the chart.  When you find a match, write yes in the appropriate box.   If it doesn’t match, place an X in the box.

Student Planted Peas Planted Bell pepper Planted Fennel Planted Parsley



– Jerry planted his favorite vegetable.
– Emily was disappointed with what she was assigned because the seeds had the longest germination time, and she was afraid they wouldn’t germinate before school let out for summer.
– Rick planted an herb, and his seeds were a little bigger than Emily’s.
– Debra received the largest seeds to plant.

Seed Packet Information:

Seeds/Plants Seed Size Approximate Germination Time (Days)
Peas Large 3-5 days
Radishes (2 varieties) Medium 4-7 days
Carrots (short variety) Small 10-25 days
Fennel Small/medium 14 days
Beets Medium 5-25 days
Coriander (cilantro) Medium 7-10 days
Parsley Small 21-28 days
Bell pepper Medium 10-12 days
Lettuce (leaf) Small 7-14 days
Lettuce (romaine) Small 5-10 days
Chives Small 8-12 days
Chard Small/medium 10-15 days

Table found in Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century elementary curriculum.


Logic Puzzle Answer Key:

Student Planted Peas Planted Bell Pepper Planted Fennel Planted Parsley
Emily X X X YES
Rick X X YES X
Harriet YES X X X
Gerry X YES X X