Exploring Plant Nutrients

May 12, 2014 | 12:05 pm

What are the necessary ingredients for life? Human beings need water, air, food, and sleep, among other things, to thrive. Just like humans, plants have needs that must be fulfilled in the correct amounts for them to survive. Water, sunlight, air, and nutrients all provide plants with what they need to live and grow.

Use the Nutrients for Life Foundation’s new Exploring Plant Nutrients widget and handout to reinforce soil science concepts, such as the essential variables that plants need. Geared towards middle school, this interactive activity will explain how different variables affect plant growth and how plants, just like people, require nutrients to prosper.

Some of the middle school science concepts covered include:

– Restoring the nutrient balance in depleted soil
– Diffusion and active transport in plants
– Xylem tissue
– Nutrient deficiency in plants
– Effects of excessive sunlight, soil nutrients or water in plants
– Effects of too little sunlight, soil nutrient deficiencies or too little water in plants

Download here:

Widget Activity Student’s Handout | Widget Activity Teacher’s Handout

The Foundation’s new interactive widget can be found on our new online destination From the Ground Up: The Science of Soil (http://www.thescienceofsoil.com/). This website was created in partnership with Discovery Education, and it also contains videos, fertilizer career profiles, and bilingual family activities.