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Autumn Optimism

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013
Well, it’s the middle of October. How can that be? Time has a way of moving quickly and I find myself emotionally tied to the fall season. (more…)

October Strawberries

Monday, October 21st, 2013
I have strawberries in October, but I don’t have any pumpkins! To me that is perplexing! I have always considered fresh strawberries a spring treat, but this year, with the addition of a day-neutral strawberry variety, we are eating fresh strawberries in October. They are sweet, juicy extra special fall treat. (more…)

Sharing the Wealth

Monday, September 30th, 2013
I feel like I am living a version of “Tomatoes Gone Wild.” Our garden has out produced the needs of my family of five. The cupboards, pantry, storage closet, and freezer are full of garden fresh goodness preserved for winter meals, especially anything and everything tomato based. (more…)

Watermelon Invasion!

Friday, September 13th, 2013
My girls love watermelon. We buy watermelon flavored candy, lip gloss, toothpaste, and drinks! So, of course, our garden has watermelon, too! (more…)

A Blessing and a Burden

Thursday, August 29th, 2013
  I consider my bountiful harvest both a blessing and a burden.  I apologize for less frequent blog posts, but there's no time to blog, celebrate, or complain...  I've got pickling, canning, and freezing to do! (more…)

Corn. It’s What’s for Dessert?

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
Last night, with true eleven year old wisdom, my oldest daughter proclaimed, “Sweet corn is the only vegetable you can eat for dessert!”  (more…)

How-To: Canning Green Bean Goodness

Friday, August 9th, 2013
The garden is bursting with ripeness! Everything seems to be ready to harvest right now. I find myself scrambling trying to harvest and store it all before it goes to waste. I can’t complain because I am the one who begged for a bigger garden. After the planting, watering, fertilizing, weeding, the real work begins: preserving! (more…)

A Blue Ribbon Day

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
The day has arrived! A season of hard work was displayed at our county fair today as my daughter carefully selected and prepared the vegetables we had grown to be judged. (more…)

Garden Fresh Pizza!

Monday, July 22nd, 2013
Veggies galore! Are you finding yourself eating fresh vegetables three times a day? We are! (more…)

The Trick to Harvesting Vegetables at the Perfect Time

Friday, July 12th, 2013
Fresh veggies everywhere! My six year old and I finished picking all of the peas, broccoli, and cauliflower yesterday.  (more…)

Kids in the garden: I can’t keep them out!

Friday, June 28th, 2013
I cannot keep these two girls out of the garden! They want to plant, weed, and harvest, and thankfully the plants aren’t affected by all of the noise they make. The chatter goes something like this: “Can we pick the broccoli?” “Is this one a weed?” “It’s my turn to use the hoe!” “I can’t see it?” “Why is there a flower?” “What’s that?” “Is that a spider?” “Where did it go?” “How many seeds can I have?” “That’s a prickly weed! How did it get prickly?” “I’m thirsty.” This week, I actually got whacked by the hoe while getting drilled with questions. I was pulling weeds, and my four year old insisted on helping by hoeing in the same row. Ouch! Apparently, there are hazards when gardening with kids.  Honestly, I love it! I am glad to have this time to teach through the garden. (more…)