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Nutrients for Life Foundation Selects Melissa Raburn as Regional Representative in Florida

Friday, August 18th, 2017
Nutrients for Life Foundation Selects Melissa Raburn as Regional Representative in Florida PLANT CITY, Florida (May 18, 2017) - The Nutrients for Life Foundation announced the selection of Melissa Raburn as regional representative in Florida. Raburn will provide grassroots educational and public awareness services in the state of Florida. Her primary role will be to work with primary and secondary educators in the school system to promote the Foundation’s plant and soil science curriculum, Nourishing the Plant in the 21st Century. She will also work with industry members to share the Foundation’s core programs and enhance community relations. Raburn began her duties on August 14. “Florida plays a critical and unique role in not only the U.S. fertilizer industry, but the entire food production system,” said Foundation Executive Director Harriet Wegmeyer.  “Melissa comes to us with a background in education and agriculture that makes her perfectly suited to work with educators and communities teaching the value of sustainable fertilizer use.” Raburn joined the Nutrients for Life team in August. Raburn is a 7th generation Floridian with strong ties to the agricultural industry.  With her personal background as a past State FFA President, former Agriculture Educator and former employee of Florida Farm Bureau Federation, she brings a broad base of experience to the table.  In addition, she works for her family’s strawberry and vegetable farm based out of Dover, Florida. “Agriculture education has been a long-time passion of mine, and this position will allow me the opportunity to help spread the word about all that we are doing to feed our growing population,” said Raburn. “The hands-on, interactive curriculum teaches students about plant and soil science, and just as importantly, it opens their eyes to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the agricultural industry.” With successful regional representatives based in California, Ohio,…

Fertilizer & Sustainability School Media Contest

Thursday, August 17th, 2017
Fertilizer & Sustainability School Media Contest Calling all creative minds!  Fertilizer - Life's Main Ingredient Contest is a creative way to showcase fertilizer and sustainability. The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program is the cornerstone piece of fertilizer sustainability. How is sustainability implemented in your school while working toward growing enough food to feed a growing population? Express your talents using the 2017 theme: Fertilizer - Life's Main Ingredient. This program is available to Science and Agriculture Classes (7-12th grades).  Each class can submit one video or poster per classroom or entries can also be submitted by individual students.  (Each class  can have a contest within your school to decide which project is submitted to represent your classroom). The top 5 posters and top 5 videos chosen in each state will state be recognized as winners.  The first place winner in each state will go on to compete in the National Contest against other state winners for $1,000. The deadline for submission is September 22, 2017. Winners will be announced on October 13, 2017 - World Fertilizer Day. Encourage your classes to participate and your school could win $1,000! Learn more now!

Nutrients for Life Foundation All-Star Teachers Attend 2017 Teacher Retreat

Monday, August 14th, 2017
Thirteen educators from around the country met in Amarillo, Texas, for the 3rd Nutrients for Life Teachers Retreat. These science and agriculture teachers met to discuss the desired path for future materials and programs for the Foundation. The teachers examined components of the Nutrients for Life resources and arrived at a 'top ten' list of priorities that will benefit teachers that teach soil science and plant nutrients. The list included the creation of digitized curriculum, posters, and, readers, an ambassador program, career videos, and professional development hours. Thanks to Agrium US, the teachers were able to tour the newly expanded Borger nitrogen facility and learn how urea is made. Through this experience the teachers gained valuable insight into fertilizer production which they can bring back to their students so they can have a better understanding of farming and crop production. Stay tuned for upcoming changes and additions in the Foundation's resources from new ideas at the meeting. Read the Press Release now!