Hold the onions, please!

May 23, 2013 | 2:05 pm

I personally do not like many onions mixed in with my meal. I usually say, “Hold the onions, please!” I prefer plain, boring food. However, my husband enjoys onions with everything and often reminds me of their many health benefits.

Since our first garden, we have always planted onions, but this year I am expanding the onion crop to include onion sets.

Onion sets come in a bag, and they look like baby onions and are planted earlier than the onion plants. This year, I learned that most people plant onion sets for the green onions. To get the best green onions, they recommend planting them two to three inches deep in the soil.  Planting them deep produces more white edible green onion. I planted mine deep; I am hoping that within five weeks we will have fresh green onions to put in our salads and soups, not for my palate but my husband’s.  Green onions can be pulled when the green stem is about twelve inches tall.

Previously, I have only planted onion plants.  They are sold in bundles held together by a rubber band. These are the type of onions we grow for slicing and cooking. Because onions have a shallow root system, I pay special attention to the soil moisture levels in the onion rows. They should be watered and fertilized regularly up to harvest time.  When the green tops begin to fall over, you know it’s time to pull the onion out of the ground

Onions are also fun to plant with kids. They are large enough that little hands can hold them without loosing them in the soil. I showed my four-year-old which side was the bottom, and she put the plant in the row. I followed behind and covered them with soil. It didn’t take us very long to get them all planted and watered.

Since she was involved in the planting, let us hope she gets involved in eating and not say, “Hold the onions, please!”