Helping Communities Grow Spotlight: Pettisville FFA

July 24, 2012 | 4:07 pm

By Emily Stubbs

Attention FFA advisors and students: Your chapter could win up to $5,000 through the Nutrients for Life Foundation’s Helping Communities Grow chapter program.  To find out more information, visit

In this year’s Helping Communities Grow program, Ohio was lucky enough to have two first place winners. Ohio’s Pettisville FFA and Ridgemont FFA displayed such spectacular projects that judges chose to award two first place winners.

The students of Pettisville FFA promoted healthy plants and quality food through several activities and used their new greenhouse to integrate fresh produce into their daily lunches.  School lunches have been the topic of much criticism in recent years; the public has been calling for fresh produce to be integrated into public school lunches.  Pettisville FFA acted on the movement and began growing hydroponic and potted vegetables last October. During this endeavor, students learned firsthand about nutrient needs and differences in a variety of plants.

In addition, the FFA students hosted an Adult Education program that featured a Jeopardy-style Q&A PowerPoint on crop nutrient use.  Finally, the Pettisville FFA members prepared a 4-page flier and distributed over 70 physical copies, as well as making the flier accessible on the web:  The Pettisville FFA projects have expanded the knowledge base about crop nutrients to Pettisville agriculture students, as well as farmers, gardeners and the community at large, resulting in about 250 people impacted.

The Pettisville FFA students reported that producing their own food, plus knowing that this project will continue for several years, is what made this such a powerful project. Congratulations Pettisville FFA on your hard work, $5,000 prize, and first place win! 

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