The Family Legacy of a Garden

May 23, 2011 | 11:05 am

Today I walked through an incredible garden. It’s the kind of garden that I have dreamed about; well organized, large, irrigated, mulched, labeled, fenced in, and fertile! Someday, when we move outside the city limits, and I have more space than a cracker box lot, I hope to have such a grand garden. However, the garden I saw today is even grander than I just mentioned. You see, this garden is a generation garden, where dad, daughter, and granddaughters (three-generations) work side-by-side. How very fortunate they are to have this land that allows them to cultivate knowledge, skills, and memories together. As I walked and marveled over the garden, I was taken back to a time where I picked strawberries with Grandma and planted vegetables with Mom. They have both since moved to bigger gardens. Thankfully they took the time to garden with me and I have something very special to hold on to.

Sometimes gardening is so much more than gardening.

Where did you learn to garden? Did you work with a grandparent, neighbor, or friend? What kind of bond did this create? What are your memories? Who will you pass your garden legacy to?