Spring Dreams

January 07, 2011 | 4:01 pm

Yeah, they have arrived!! Seed catalogs have replaced Christmas cards in my mail box. I watch for their arrival each winter. They have me thinking spring! Spring is my favorite season and even though it’s nearly three months away, I like to think that it’s just around the corner. I can kick the girls outside to run off the energy stored up through the cold dreary days of winter. We anticipate the arrival of the first crocus, daffodil and tulip. Each flower cultivates a warm spring smile and maybe even a squeal of delight.

The newness of spring lets us start all over again. The garden bed is a clear palate ready to be colored with new vegetable varieties and old favorites. I have high aspirations for healthy plants and a bountiful harvest of nutritious food for my girls. The only tool I need to build my dream is a pile of seed catalogs. They are a gardener’s friend and dream builder. I thumb through each seed catalog and envision the perfect garden (of course it’s insect, disease and weed free).

Seed catalogs are full of beautiful colorful pictures that promise bigger, better blooms, disease resistant varieties, garden advice and more. (Warning: Do not believe every picture you see, remember it is advertising). Winter is the perfect season to look at the big picture and be prepared for the garden season that lies ahead. Besides soil preparation, identifying what to plant is a great start to the growing season.

As a new gardener, you probably don’t have a seed catalog collection yet. They are easy to obtain. I receive all of mine for free and so will you. A few that I enjoy include, Burpee and Territorial Seed. Go to their website and click on “request a catalog”. There are many more seed companies out there. My suggestion is to complete an internet search for “seed catalog” look them over and pick a few that look interesting to you.

Within weeks you too will be building your perfect garden through seed catalogs.