Colombian Farmers Learn Fertilizer Lingo

September 10, 2010 | 10:09 am

We are busy preparing for our fall board of directors meeting, so you can only imagine the hustle and bustle around the office (very different from the peaceful serenity found in the garden). We are looking back over the last six months at some key projects we’ve been working on and there is one in particular I want to share. Just one year ago, Nutrients for Life Colombia formed a chapter, and they have reminded us of the importance of educating the appropriate audience. For Colombia, that audience is the source of Colombia’s food supply: farmers. Who better to talk about fertilizer with than those who use it in their everyday lives?

Through the Nutrients for Life Foundation Colombia presentations, farmers have the opportunity to learn about best management practices that will lead to increased production and the promotion of the role nutrition plays in ensuring a profitable and sustainable agriculture.

 “It has been a very successful activity,” said Maria Helena Latorre, Executive Director of the Procultivos House of ANDI. “Farmers left with a clear, basic training on crop nutrition. Mentes Fertiles is a valuable and positive program that encourages a better understanding of the importance of the use of fertilizers.”

Since its inception just one year ago, Nutrients for Life Colombia has held 60 presentations with an attendance of more than 2,100 people. We are excited to watch the Colombia team help expand the knowledge of fertilizer among their farmers! Now if I could just work on my Spanish…