County Fair

July 27, 2010 | 7:07 am

We are in the midst of our county fair. Tonight, I proclaimed we were the walking definition of filthy dirty!  Sweat, dirt, sand, manure, cotton candy, pizza, pop, and lemonade were worn by my girls today. This is the second year of 4-H for our oldest daughter. Her projects include Sugar, the bucket calf; a fleece blanket; a framed “B”; photography, a frosted cake, floral design and of course horticulture!

4-H and the county fair are a highlight of my childhood. I was a third generation member of the Friendly Guys and Gal’s 4-H Club. Grandpa Dennison was a founding member of our club. Now that I am a 4-H parent, I have a new appreciation for the organization and the motto.  4-H promotes clear thinking, responsibility, hard work, decision making, respect to authority, loyalty, service to community and country. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of an organization that promotes such great characteristics in a young person? I know I am a better parent, community member and volunteer because of my experience in 4-H.

The relentless heat, dry weather and invasion of grasshoppers have been brutal to our garden and flowers. We scoured the garden this evening looking for veggies and flowers to exhibit. Slim pickings, thanks to the grasshoppers who have chewed on every flower we have…ugh!!

Of course the goal is a purple or blue ribbon for my daughter; as for me, it’s what she learned through growing, harvesting and sharing her knowledge with the judge. Regardless the color of ribbon, I know a fourth generation has gained lifelong skills as a result of 4-H.

Believe it or not, I’m refreshed and looking forward to the sweat, dirt, sand, manure, cotton candy, pizza, pop, and lemonade we will enjoy tomorrow.