Family Garden on Live TV

June 11, 2010 | 7:06 am

Recently, our backyard was invaded, not with cabbage loopers as mentioned in an earlier blog, but with everything needed to shoot live TV from my little garden: a satellite truck, production crew, lights, and cameras. I have never been a part of live TV and really didn’t know what to expect.  They arrived at 4:30 AM and began set up. Thankfully I had alerted the neighborhood that an invasion was coming, because I heard bangs and clanks that are not typical for that time of morning. When I stepped out into the backyard at 5:00 AM, they had lit up the garden and were setting the scene.

Now, I do NOT have a botanic garden, it’s a small three raised bed garden containing the veggies my family likes to grow and eat. I had a moment, where I stood in awe, thinking that our little garden would be an encouragement to others through media.

After eating a delicious catered breakfast, I sat down for hair and make-up! I recall thinking, “This I can get used to.” Then it was time to get busy. They hooked me up with microphone and ear piece, after a “test, test, test” we were ready to roll. From 7:30-11:30, I completed 21 different live radio and TV interviews.  Our message was delivered all across the US, including: Atlanta, Boston, Topeka, Charleston, Huntsville, Richmond, Indianapolis, Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, St. Louis, Scranton, Fargo, Lubbock, Bakersfield, Orlando-Daytona Beach, Omaha, Seattle, Wichita, Greensboro and New York City.

Interviews were based on the topic, “Shop your garden for dinner. Do you dig it?”  Vegetable gardening is seeing a surge in popularity and the media has picked up on it. During the morning interviews, I discussed how viewers could create a garden that provided armloads of delicious homegrown vegetables from spring to fall.  Emphasizing the fact that healthy soil is the key to a successful vegetable garden. 

It’s not every day that Mom gets to be center of attention. It was a unique experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my garden passion with others.